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All About Baby Milestones Consult

AABM Consult

Do you have concerns about baby tolerating tummy time, rolling over, reaching for toys, crawling breast/bottle feeding, transitioning to solids, or anything in between? Or do you just generally want to make sure you and baby are on track? Book an AABM Consult with me today!

What is it?

AABM Consults are designed for babies with a developmental level of newborn to 18 months. During the 30 minute virtual consultation with me, we will...

  • discuss milestone areas of concern (motor, sensory, or feeding)

  •  complete a play/feeding session with baby and caregivers as I observe (about 15 minutes)

  • debrief about session

  • brainstorm and trial strategies and activities to help you and baby


  • 1x30 min session = $75.00

  • 2x30 min sessions = $140.00

  • 3x30 min session = $205.00

  • If you are interested in more sessions, we can discuss sessions and cost further!

  • Payment plans are available upon request!

  • Sessions can be used on your own timeline, however, due to the nature of this service,  payment is required in full prior to the first session. 

  • *Due to the current 20% off your first consultation promotion for new email subscribers, bundles are not visible at checkout at this time, but they are still available! If you are interested in a multiple consultation bundle, book the single consultation with the 20% off coupon code you receive via email, then I will send you an invoice for the remainder of the package at the discounted rate after completing our first session!

*Disclaimer: The All About My Milestones Consult is NOT direct occupational therapy services even though the service is provided by a registered, licensed occupational therapist. If direct services are warranted, I will make a recommendation. 

Direct Teletherapy Services: I am able to offer direct virtual occupational therapy services if you are located in the states of CA, IN, MO, NM, NY, PA, WV. More states will be coming soon!

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