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All About Teletherapy

Why Teletherapy?

So I figured I’d start with this question...There is some highlighted info on the “about” page on the site, but I wanted to offer a bit more details.

Honestly, I didn’t know anything about teletherapy until COVID-19 happened. My jobs at the time switched to conducting therapy virtually, as I’m sure everyone is familiar with at this point. It was a bit of a learning experience for not only me, but also the kiddos I was working with as well as their families. But, even though it had its challenges, I managed to fall in love!

Some of my favorite benefits of using teletherapy include:

  • Flexible scheduling: This goes for both you and your family and myself! You take out commute time, you have a lot more options for scheduling.

  • Better carry over: Because families NEED to be directly involved with the therapy sessions, I see greater results than when conducting in person therapy sessions. I know this might seem off to some people, but think about it… In person services mean the therapist either comes to you, or you to them, for about 1 hour/week. So what do you do the rest of the week? How do you know if what you’re doing is the correct technique, verbage, etc? Teletherapy offers a hands-on approach for caregivers to directly receive feedback and apply techniques and strategies.

  • Technology is AWESOME!: Yes, technology may have its days, but being able to use technology as a way of conducting therapy opens a lot of doors for treatment strategies as well. Obviously, we still have all of the in person options, but for things like handwriting/typing there are a lot of other options we can use, which help keep things interesting for the kiddos!

  • Therapy is centered around your daily life: Virtual therapy offers similar benefits as home health in regards to it occurring in a natural setting. Oftentimes a kiddo will be seen in a clinic or other outpatient setting, master a skill, then need to carry that skill over to their natural environment (generalization). I’m not saying that generalization is not important because it is, however being able to learn a skill in your natural environment, with a caregiver facilitating, could possibly make generalization with other family members easier for your kiddo.

  • Virtual Classes: This is my favorite perk of using teletherapy! I am able to offer virtual developmental courses to anyone anywhere! I think this is not only amazing for me as a therapist, but other parents as well! You are able to easily connect with parents from anywhere, get judgment free answers/advice, share your experiences, and most of all learn!

If you’d like to learn more about services, please reach out to me at! I hope we get to work together soon!!


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