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This is a members only section, filled with exclusive content for subscribers! It's all the information you need in one place! No more searching the web!

What you will get:

  • Resources, created by a pediatric occupational therapist, to help you navigate:

    • Pregnancy

    • Birth planning and birth

    • Hospital stay

    • And baby's first year (info on feeding, motor development, sleeping, sensory, and more)!

  • Supportive group chat of other caregivers! (with me as a participant!)​

    • Ask any and everything! Share success stories! Bounce ideas off other parents in the same stage as you! ​

  • Exclusive video content of developmental milestones, play sessions, and activities ​​

  • Weekly virtual group check-ins

  • 20% discount on all milestone consultations

The content of this group, weekly check-ins, or milestone consultations do not serve as direct occupational therapy services and should not be used as a replacement for direct services.

Add me to the AAMM waitlist!

Thanks for signing up for the AAMM waitlist! We will let you know as soon as this group is up and running!

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